Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Story

Meet my family! I have two beautiful daughters, Natalie and Charlotte and a wonderful, supportive husband, Randy.

From a young age, we knew Natalie had challenges. She walked and talked late. Once she was walking and talking well, it wasn't like we could relax and just watch her grow. Each challenge she overcame seemed to present us with new issues to deal with. It wasn't until Natalie was in kindergarten did we finally get a diagnosis - sensory integration disorder.

We were thankful to finally have an accurate diagnosis, but as you know, with this comes a responsibility to give her the finest treatment ensuring her the best chance to live a normal and happy life.

I decided to use my passion for sewing to help other families with sensory needs while enabling me to pay for the much needed therapy for Natalie. Ever the lover of boutique clothing and high fashion, I am dedicating myself to making the most hip, sassy and fun weighted blankets around! I want each blanket to be something your child is excited to have in his or her room.

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